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F***ing Magician

What’s everyone upset about today? Oh, that’s right, the Pens made a move.

With all of the “armchair GMs” around Pittsburgh, you expect to hear a plethora of opinions due to any move a team makes in this town. Whether a draft pick will stink, or a free agent is going to be a bust, you never know what is going to get this city angry.

What you don’t hear every day is another team insulting your actual GM. Then again, most teams don’t have a wizard running their franchise:


"to have a general manager question our decision-making from three hours away, he must be (an expletive) magician."


That “hocus pocus” came from the Columbus head coach hours after Pittsburgh made a new, possibly-risky addition to their team. GMJR insisted that the defenseman signee was not used correctly by his former team, and apparently, Columbus disagreed.

A man who has been able to turn around the careers of not only players, but entire franchises - “magician” may actually be a perfect description for the stern gentleman that overlooks Pittsburgh’s hockey team. Some may wonder if he has put a hex on the rest of the league, but one thing we know for sure; we may not believe in magic, but we will always believe in Rutherford.

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