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50 Reasons To Win

When we saw Vince Williams’ reaction to Ryan Shazier’s injury, we were not surprised.

The reason we weren’t stunned isn’t because of their relationship. It is not because the two are so close they have their own nickname. It is not the fact they are from the same state, play the same position on the same team. The reason we, as a city were not shocked – is because we felt the same way.


Pittsburgh may seem like a football town to outsiders. The fact is: Pittsburgh is a “people town”, and those people love their football. Pittsburghers go above and beyond with their team. We *think* we know players like they are our family. Their birthdays, their favorite music, favorite restaurants, and many other aspects of their personalities that other cities may not even understand.


That’s what makes a situation like Shazier’s injury so much more. It didn’t feel like we were watching football. It felt like we were watching someone we know go through something difficult, and all we wanted to do was be there for them.


Since the incident happened, everyone has been on a search for answers. It feels like all 303,000+ people of Pittsburgh are in the waiting room together at the hospital, waiting for something. That’s what situations like this bring. Everyone gets together, and wants to do something that can help.


That is what we are hoping this shirt can do. There are already numerous local companies producing shirts for Shazier, and we would also like to contribute to the #Shalieve movement. “50 Reasons to Win” is our effort to honor and support Shazier, while helping people in need around the Pittsburgh area. Proceeds collected from this campaign will go to Rise Again, a non-profit organization that supports alternative/progressive treatments for individuals with a spinal cord injury and for professional development of therapists in Western Pennsylvania.


For more information about their mission – you can visit their Website, Twitter, or reach them via email.

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