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Born in Erie

Raised to be Real

Loved in Pittsburgh

Made of Steel

This is: Beast Mode 2.0


#Undefeated #Unstoppable


Conner has had a path like no other to make the pros. Playing high school ball at McDowell, college at the University of Pittsburgh, and now being drafted by the Steelers, his “home team” has never been far from home.

The underrated, undefeated and quotable running back has been an instant hit in Pittsburgh since attending Pitt. His skill is what makes him dominate, his character is what makes him special.


Underrated: Playing mostly as a defensive end in high school, Conner didn’t receive many invites or scholarships from D1 schools. Creating his own path, Conner drove himself to Pittsburgh to try-out for Pitt. This would pay off, as the 2-Star athlete impressed, and was immediately welcomed to play running back.


Undefeated: There have been many obstacles in his way, but Conner keeps hurdling them. With plenty of complications during his path to the pros, there have been zero excuses coming from the bruising back. No matter what you throw in front of him, he always finds his way to the end zone.

Quotable: Other than his amazing play on the field, something that has made Conner so beloved in Pittsburgh is his character. With his smile and genuine thankfulness, Conner can put on his charm quicker than his cleats. When talking about life, he smiles. When speaking about his family, he smiles. When mentioning football – you get a game face: “Just Call Me Beast Mode 2.0

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