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Latrobe, PA.

Many may know the town an hour East of Pittsburgh for its chicken wings, Rolling Rock beer, the home of Arnold Palmer, and even the first-ever banana split! But, most of us know it as training camp for Pittsburgh’s football team, which has been their off-season home since 1966.

The second oldest training camp site in the league behind Green Bay, Pittsburgh has been traveling to St. Vincent College every offseason for over 50 years. From players showing up in fancy (or funny) vehicles day 1 of camp, to them staying for hours after practice to communicate with fans – Latrobe has always been a fun visit and a great piece of history for all football fans.

It is becoming less popular around the league to travel for training camp, but Pittsburgh seems to enjoy it. It gets the players away from their social life, and allows them to focus on football. Being at St. Vincent also seems to help the players bond, as they are basically re-living the life of their college football days with: dorm rooms, practice, scheduled meals, practice, video games, and then more practice.

There is nothing quite like training camp in Latrobe, which is fitting for this team. A one-of-a-kind team, with a one-of-a-kind fan base, Pittsburgh will most likely never leave Latrobe. As long as the team is winning, and thousands keep showing up to watch - we can all look forward to more foggy, rainy mornings in Latrobe as the squad competes, plays and looks forward to creating a championship team. And don’t forget about the best part about training camp… football is back!

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