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Never Too Early To Tailgate

Let’s be honest. There are no true rules to tailgating. You drink, play some games, maybe listen to some music, grill, and head to the game. It seems simple enough. It’s a little easier in bigger cities and college campuses than downtown Pittsburgh, but it’s still a great time. Good tailgates are welcoming tailgates. Everyone wants to be your neighbor before the big game!


We try to hold a standard in this city, no matter what team you’re rooting for. Here are the unwritten rules:


  • Don’t get wasted.

  • Don’t pick fights.

  • Don’t be a jagoff!

That’s it. You can come as early as you want, just don’t be a jagoff, and enjoy the game. Also, once you get to the game - refer to rule #3 and don’t do the damn wave.

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