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Parading Down The Boulevard

“Parading Down The Boulevard Since 1909” …to the normal person, it’s the perfect phrase for a t-shirt. But to an internet historian, the red flags go up. I know this, I do my research for each and every t-shirt design. I expect negativity on everything, it is just the way the world is and the risk you take by sharing ideas on the internet.  I’m here to tell you that it does not matter.

The phrase “Parading Down The Boulevard Since 1909” is a catchy way to say “Pittsburgh has been winning major sports championships since 1909” ..easy enough, right?

Pittsburgh fans would easily be able to understand and enjoy that, and many have and will…but there’s a slight inaccuracy. The Boulevard of the Allies did not exist until the 1920’s!


I thought the concept was too good to nix and just went with it. It also is worth noting that not ALL Pittsburgh victories parades went down the BLVD but again, my thought process was to create a unique phrase that is easily distinguishable for Pittsburghers to imply that we have been celebrating championships since 1909. City of Champions.

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