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Considered one of the greatest baseball players of all-time, it has never alone been his skill on the field that made the man so famous. The greatest Pirate to ever play, and possibly the greatest person to ever play baseball, Roberto Clemente will always be remembered in Pittsburgh. Whether it is from his statue outside of PNC Park, his quote that leads players onto the field, or his number posted on the right field wall, displaying “21 Feet”.

Clemente’s legacy and #21 are very special to Pittsburgh. Similar to Michael Jordan in the NBA, Wayne Gretzky in the NHL, and Jackie Robinson in the MLB, we would like to see Clemente’s number retired league-wide. Still an inspiration today, Clemente has left an impact on people and athletes all around the world. A true role model, he cared more for his family and people in need than sports, and was able to show greatness towards both respectfully until the tragic day he passed.

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