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And Don't It Feel Good?

Schultz is a champion. We saw the game, we watched the parade, and now - we are witnessing the Pens Party Harder than ever. And why wouldn’t they? While overcoming so much through the playoffs, the team is finally getting a chance to celebrate, and they are doing it well.


After being a huge factor in anchoring the team’s defense, Schultz went from elite, to repeat,


As Jesse Marshall and Rich Miller (from PensBlog) stated shortly after the parade, “Schultz became a meme in like 22 minutes.” That he did.


It’s always nice to see an athlete like Schultz act human. We watched this team play through serious injuries, adversities and overtimes - they didn’t even seem human at times. But, now, it’s time to relax and reflect on another brilliant year. They’re walking on sunshine, and it feels good to be a part of it.




“When Memes Become Dreams”


This viral photo of Schultz from the parade was taken by Melinda Wedde. Rather than profit from the design, she requested to have a donation made in her name to the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation. You never know when something you do is going to make an impact on so many people. For this moment, we thank Melinda for her generosity, we thank Schultz for his awesomeness, and we thank you Pittsburgh - for making the Schultz meme run wild.


You can follow Melinda on Twitter at @melwedde


The design is in its entirety, so it will work on most colors. The suggested choice would be heather grey to make the print pop as much as possible. Digital printing is used for this design and it is recommended to wash inside-out and hang-dry for best results.

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